Beatriz Ezban
  Contemporary Painting
  Recent projects:
  Unified Field: The Border (2006)
  Principle of Uncertainty (2004)
  Vertigos (2002)
  Shoot! (1999)

Abstraction is the leitmotiv in Beatriz Ezban’s work and in her most recent series the abstract condition is exacerbated: each picture is multiplied, is fissioned, transmutes itself, never remains the same.

Large canvases painted in silver, crossed by occasional lines that only intensify the mutable condition of the paintings. Primitive seas hiding the genius Proteus, owner of all wisdom and most difficult to apprehend.

Such is the nature of Principle of Uncertainty, an exhibition that remits us to the concept of the impossibility of determining the momentum of a particle. Trying to pin down an image in this polysemic work is mere fantasy and to no avail.

  María Cristina González Tejada
Extract from the text Voyage of a Proposal
México City, January 2004
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